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The Arkansas Cattlemen's Association is proud to host several events and programs throughout the year to better serve and educate its members.

ACA's Annual Convention & Tradeshow

The Annual ACA Convention & Tradeshow occurs the second weekend of August each year. During Convention, cattlemen across Arkansas meet to enjoy informative cattlemen’s colleges, industry updates and cattlemen-to-cattlemen fellowship. Additionally, ACA holds Arkansas Largest Farm & Ranch Show where cattlemen and women can meet with businesses from around the state.


Arkansas Cattlemen's Leadership Course

The Arkansas Cattlemen's Leadership Course (ACLC) instills principles of leadership and advocacy within the beef industry and promotes involvement of young producers within the state. Participants attend five sessions spread through out the year. During each session, Participants get the opportunity to learn different skills to better advocate for the cattle industry in Arkansas and around the country. Participants who complete the course are invited to take part in the graduation ceremony at the 4th Quarter meeting.

Area Conferences

The Arkansas Cattlemen's Association hosts nine Area Spring Conferences during the month of March at a central location in each of its nine areas throughout the state. These meetings typically consist of a steak dinner, a word from our sponsors, an educational message from an industry leader, one-on-one networking with major companies and a pie auction held by the Arkansas CattleWomen's Association.

Arkansas State Fair

The Arkansas State Fair is a time honored tradition for many cattlemen, which holds fond memories about when they got their start in the industry. The ACA is dedicated to the preservation of our farming and ranching heritage. The wisdom and pride we hold so dear came from the previous generations, and we will do our best to pass it on to the future.

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