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65 Years of Branded Excellence

65 years ago, 12 gentlemen in south Arkansas met and submitted the paperwork to create the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association. Since 1959, the ACA has grown, adapted, and worked to improve the cattle industry in the state. Throughout the last 65 years, our purpose has remained the same - to serve cattle producers by providing legislative representation, educational opportunities, advocacy for producers, and development of the next generation. 

Join the ACA in celebrating 65 years of excellence!

As we mark this milestone, be part of our legacy with the "65 Years of Branded Excellence" campaign. 

Your $65 donation will support our continued efforts and grant you recognition on our website, in ACB, and a special opportunity to leave your mark on the ACA.


Supporters of this campaign will have the opportunity to brand a cowhide during our 2024 ACA Convention. This branded cowhide will hang proudly in our office, symbolizing your commitment to our association and our community. Join us in continuing to shape the future of Arkansas’s cattle industry



  • Michael Haynes

  • Rob Campbell

  • Teresa Bufkin

  • Autumn Fuhrman

  • John Fuhrman

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