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AR Beef Directory

Welcome to the AR Beef Directory, home of Arkansas Cattlemen's members selling local beef, directly to consumers, all across the state. To search your area, simply click the location of your choice on the map below and it will auto-direct you to local beef options nearest you.

If you would like to be listed on the directory below click here. If you have questions call the office at 501-224-2114.

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Area 1

Counties: Boone, Carroll,  Madison, Newton, NWAR Association (Benton),  Ozark (Washington), and University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)

Bowen Cattle Company | Clint & Amber Bowen

Garfield, Arkansas

(479) 531-2610

Whole, half, and quarter beef

Fairchild Farms | Brian Fairchild

Everton, Arkansas

(870) 754-9377

Facebook: Fairchild Farms

Red Poll beef and pork

Hillside Beef | Jeff Muldrew & Gayle Schleif

Elkins, Arkansas

(612) 743-5881

Facebook: Hillside Beef

Click Here for Website

Packaged beef

MK Armer Farms | Marty & Kristy Armer

Green Forest, Arkansas

(870) 423-8751

Facebook: MK Armer Farms

Grass-fed, grain-finished beef

Osage Creek Farms | Fry Family

Osage, Arkansas

(870) 654–5719

Facebook: Osage Creek Farms

Grass-fed beef, goat, lamb, and forested pork

Seven Springs Cattle Company, LLC | Tom & Lisa Wiechman

Pea Ridge, Arkansas

(479) 366–3233 | (479) 633 5444

Whole and Half Beef

Schwerin Farms, Inc. | Dennis & Marlene Schwerin, Kaleb & Chrisie Smith

Gentry, Arkansas

(479) 238-4024

Locker beef

Spillman Family Farms | Caleb & Rebecca Spillman

Lead Hill, Arkansas

(870) 416-4078

Grass-fed, grain-finished beef

Triple A Farms/Anglin Beef | Ryan & Susan Anglin

Bentonville, Arkansas

(479) 795-2147

Facebook: Anglin Beef

Retail cuts, whole and half beef

White Farms | George White

Harrison, Arkansas

(870) 613-4433

Facebook: White Farms

Pasture-raised and finished beef

Williams Angus Beef | Jeff Williams, Maggie Davidson, & JoBeth Evans

Hindsville, Arkansas

(479) 601-4285

Facebook: Williams Angus Beef

Instagram: Williams Angus Beef

Whole and half beef

Area 2

Counties: Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Pope, Sebastian, and Yell

Chickalah Creek Farms | Danny & Linda Hipps

Dardanelle, Arkansas

(479) 264–8097

Half and whole beef

Gray Farms | Parker & Carlee Gray

Pottsville, Arkansas

(479) 857–0819

Facebook: Gray Farms

Beef Shares

Hester Cattle Co. | Jeffrey Hester

Hartford, Arkansas

(479) 719–6621

Half and whole beef

Hoien Farms | Matt & Rachel Hoien

Atkins, Arkansas

(479) 264–1535 | (479) 264–3612

Facebook: Hoien Farms Beef

Retail Cuts

Milltown Valley Meats | Doug & Ann Russell

Greenwood, Arkansas

(479) 650–6011

Facebook: Milltown Valley Meats 

Grain-fed retail cuts of beef

R & D Farms | Richie & Divella Gray

Dardanelle, Arkansas

(479) 477–2351 | (479) 477–2721

Angus Beef (packages, quarter, half & whole)

Sossamon Farms LLC | Bill Sossamon

Ozark, Arkansas

(479) 667–7735


Retail cuts, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and whole

Area 3

Counties: Howard, Montgomery, Pike, Polk, Scott, and Sevier.

Southern Creek Farm | Regina Miller

Mena, Arkansas

(479) 234-6356

Facebook: Southern Creek Farm


Area 4

Counties: Columbia, Hempstead, Lafayette, Little River, Nevada, Red River Assoc. (Miller), and Union

777 Farms | Chad & Jamie Daniel

Magnolia, Arkansas

(806) 904-3070

Facebook: 777 Farms

Farm Fresh Beef

C & C Farms | Kenny & Randy Camp

Stamps, Arkansas

(870) 533-2251

Facebook: C & C Packing

Grain and pasture-raised beef

Farm on the Hill | Russell & Stacy Womack

Hope, Arkansas

(870) 703-5757

Farm raised beef

Lick Creek Meats | Jennifer Sansom

Ashdown, Arkansas

(806) 778-6067

Facebook: Lick Creek Meats

Quarters, Halves, and Wholes

Milam Cattle Company | Jeff, Trish, Jake & Judd Milam 

Prescott, Arkansas

(870) 887-0889

Steaks, roasts, minute steaks, brisket

Plyler and Son Charolais | Caleb, Briana & Huck Plyler

Hope, Arkansas

(870) 703-1394

Facebook: Plyler & Son Charolais

Half and Whole Beef

Powell Farms | Brett & Michelle Powell

Magnolia, Arkansas

(870) 904-5251

Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef. Quarters, Halves, and Whole Beef

Triple Y Cattle | Matt & Lynn Young

Magnolia, Arkansas

(870) 904–0206 | (870) 299-9949

Grain Finished Beef

ZATA Cattle Company | Zachary Alford

Lewisville, Arkansas

(870) 904-7964

Facebook: ZATA Cattle Company

Half and whole beef and select cuts 

Area 5

Counties: Ashley, Bradley, Calhoun, Cleveland, Dallas, Delta Assoc. (Chicot), Desha/Drew, Lincoln, Ouachita, and the University of Arkansas (Monticello)

Diamond H Cattle Company LLC | Zach & Lauren Hammack

Hampton, Arkansas

(870) 818-6920

Facebook: Diamond H Cattle Company

Half or whole beef

LJ Jones Farms| Larry & Jaye Jones

Monticello, Arkansas

870-367-6559 or 870-723-0508

Fed steers, any size

Tulip Creek Meat Company | Dennis Nix, Joe Pacheco & Jeremy McKiddy

Willow, Arkansas

(501) 337-5321

Farm fresh, all-natural beef

Area 6

Counties: Clark, Garland, Grant, Hot Spring, Jefferson, and Saline

4-C Cattle | Brian Chunn

Malvern, Arkansas

(501) 620-3636

Hamburger meat by the pound or ¼, ½ and whole cows

AR Kindy Farms | Doug & Sherry Kindy

Benton, Arkansas

(501) 315-0505

Whole or half beef

Fowler & Bearden Farm | John Michael & Rachel Bearden

Friendship, Arkansas

(870) 245-6222

Facebook: Fowler & Bearden Farm

Whole or half beef

Golden Acres Cattle Company | Grant Golden

Malvern, Arkansas

(501) 337-6431 

Farm Fresh Beef

H5 Cattle Company | Dustin & Tasha Hill

Malvern, Arkansas

(501) 732-1336

Facebook: H5 Cattle Company

Whole, half, bundles and individual cuts

JC Farms | John & Sarah Crangle

Bismarck, Arkansas

(501) 622-9027

¼. ½ and whole commercial beef

Sites Cattle | Kenny Sites

Sheridan, Arkansas

(870) 917-5848

Quarter, half, and whole beef

Tulip Creek Meat Company | Dennis Nix, Joe Pacheco & Jeremy McKiddy

Lono, Arkansas

(501) 337-5321

Farm fresh, all-natural beef

Whitfield Beef | Rodney & Karen Whitfield

Bismarck, Arkansas

(501) 622-8537

Quarter, half, and whole Angus beef

Area 7

Counties: Central Arkansas Association (Lonoke/Pulaski), Conway, Faulkner, Perry,  Van Buren, and White

3D Farms | Matt & Courtney Duncan

Judsonia, Arkansas

(501) 230-5940

Facebook: 3D Farms

USDA beef and pork, custom processed pork and beef 1/4, 1/2, and whole share.

4S Cattle and Hay | Dustin & Jill Swan

Judsonia, Arkansas

(501) 530-1899

Facebook: 4S Cattle and Hay

Freezer beef

5C Cattle | Bryan & Jennifer Cook

Wooster, Arkansas

(501) 472-4252

Facebook: 5C Cattle

Freezer Beef

Bar S&T | Curtis & Hope Terry

Greenbrier, Arkansas

(501) 580-2703

Whole and half beef

Bell View Farm | John & Dlyna Bell

Pangburn, Arkansas

(501) 207-2332

Facebook: Bell View Farm

Whole and half beef

Big D Ranch | Phillip & Beth DeSalvo

Center Ridge, Arkansas

(501) 208-6120

Facebook: Big D Ranch

Retail cuts of beef

BJ Ranch | Tom Lercher

McRae, Arkansas


Facebook: BJ Ranch

USDA inspected beef by half or whole

Braveheart Cattle Company, LLC | Jonathan Wallace

Mt. Vernon, Arkansas

(501) 416-2161

Facebook: Braveheart Cattle Company Mt. Vernon

Quarter, half, and whole beef

Broken Spur Ranch | Kathy Kittler

Lonoke, Arkansas

(501) 690-0771

Grass-fed, grain-finished beef by the half

Castera Farm | Mark & Maybelle Castera

Romance, Arkansas

(501) 827–9090

Facebook: Castera Farm

Angus beef - quarter, half, and whole

Circle Z Ranch | Beverly Eads

Greenbrier, Arkansas

(501) 581–6246 | (501) 514–3327

Black Angus beef

Double B Farm & Ranch | Tyler & Laura Beaudreau

Wye Mountain, Arkansas

(501) 246-1788

Facebook: Double B Ranch

Website: Double B Farm & Ranch

Retail Beef, Quarter, half, whole beef

Double D Lazy T Ranch | Debbie & Tommy Park

Perryville, Arkansas

(501) 270-0664

Facebook: Double D Lazy T Ranch – Bed, Breakfast, & Barn

Quarter, half, whole beef

Duvall Farms | Jerry Duvall

Hattieville, Arkansas

(501) 208-1460

Quarter, half, and whole USDA inspected beef

Flying C Ranch | Dr. Robert & Leanna Clark

Conway, Arkansas

(501) 454–2667

Facebook: Flying C Ranch

Retail cuts, Quarters, halves, and whole beef

Guyot Beef | Josh & Ronnie Guyot

Ward, Arkansas

(501) 605-3971

Facebook: Guyot Beef

Website: Guyot Beef

Custom bulk beef and USDA Inspected beef cuts

H&D Tucker Farms | Dian, John R, & John H. Evans

Conway, Arkansas

(501) 339-5193


IMOJE Dawson Family Farms | Brett Dawson

Austin, Arkansas

(858) 449-4755

Facebook: IMOJE Dawson Family Farms

Beef, eggs and vegetables

J&K Cattle Co. | Kendall Barton & John Allen

Beebe, Arkansas

(501) 208–1198

Grass-fed and grain-fed beef

J&L Cattle Co. | John & Laura Adams

McCrae, Arkansas

(501) 288-7893


Whole and half beef

Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms | Mike & Tricia Gill

Conway, Arkansas

(501) 339–7375

Facebook: Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

Half, whole, and retail cuts of USDA inspected grass-fed beef

McNeal Farms | Paul McNeal

Perryville, Arkansas


Facebook: McNeal Farms

Grain-fed and finished premium beef, Heritage breed pork

Phifer Farms | Mark Phifer

Bald Knob, Arkansas

(501) 388-6563

Facebook: Phifer Farms LLC Farm Raised Meats

Quarter, half, whole, and individually packaged beef

Rock Creek Farm | Kent & Marie Jones

Romance, Arkansas

(501) 556-4321

Grass-fed quarters, halves and whole beef

Sellers Cattle Co. | Craig & Tina Sellers

Vilonia, Arkansas

(501) 733–0537

Facebook: Sellers Cattle Co.

Assorted cuts of purebred Angus Beef, quarter, half, and whole available

Simon Farm | Kenny & Rebecca Simon

Conway, Arkansas

(501) 733–8676

Facebook: Simon Farm Fresh Beef

Assorted cuts of beef and ground beef

Smith Ranch | Jeremy & Jennifer Smith

Searcy, Arkansas

(501) 230–1474

Facebook: Smith Roots

Whole, half beef, pork, fresh eggs

Underwood Cattle Co., Inc. | Todd & Kristy Underwood

Lonoke, Arkansas

(501) 231-5903

Facebook: Underwood Cattle Co., inc.  

Quarter, half, and whole beef. Ground beef and steak.

VW Family Farm | Ben, Andrea, Lane & Emily Vinson 

Rose Bud, Arkansas

(501) 230-0160

Facebook: VW Family Farm

Instagram: VW Family Farm

YouTube: VW Family Farm

Retail beef, pork, chicken and turkey cuts. Honey, produce, soaps & lotions

Wahrmund Farms | John Wahrmund

Morrilton, Arkansas

(501) 208-2010

Facebook: Wahrmund Farms

Custom whole and half beef. Retail beef cuts

Wholly Cow Farms | Ryan Pace

Judsonia, Arkansas

(501) 593-2666

Facebook: Wholly Cow Farms

Retail sales of grass-finished, certified organic beef

Twisted V Farms | Kevin Vaughn

Romance, Arkansas

(501) 593-1321

Retail sales of registered Black Angus beef

Area 8

Counties: Baxter, Cleburne, Independence/Jackson, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Tri- County (Sharp/Fulton/Izard)

Cave Creek Farms | Tyler & Monica Griffin

Batesville, Arkansas

(879) 949–0833

Facebook: Cave Creek Farms

Quarter, half, whole and retail cuts of beef

CWC Farm | Carey & Bill Robertson

Bradford, Arkansas

(870) 307-4023

Facebook: CWC Farm

Finished grass or grain fed beef

Hall Farms | Robert & Sally Hall

Mountain Home, Arkansas

(870) 321-2254

Grass-fed beef

Makin’ Bacon Meat Processing | John & Cindy Weaver

Yellville, Arkansas

(870) 436-7675

Facebook: Makin’ Bacon Meat Processing

Beef & Hogs

Miller Poultry & Cattle Inc. | John David Miller, David Miller & Matt Rush

Melbourne, Arkansas

(870) 291-0161

Retail cuts, whole, half and beef

Peaceful River Farm, LLC | John & Emmaline Kunkel

Evening Shade, Arkansas

(479) 621-3500

Facebook: Peaceful River Farm, LLC

Angus beef retail cuts, quarters, halves, and wholes

Area 9

Counties: Clay, Eastern Arkansas Assoc. (Cross/Crittenden/Lee/Monroe/Phillips/St. Francis/Woodruff), Grand Prairie Assoc. (Arkansas/Prarie), Greene, NEArk Assoc. (Craighead/Mississippi/Poinsett), and Randolph/Lawrence

Douglas Farms | Billy & Tracie Douglas

Wynne, Arkansas

(870) 208–4550 

Whole, half or quarter beef

Huffman Family Farms | Mark, Kim, & Colbie Huffman

Jonesboro, Arkansas

(870) 351–6056 | (870) 351–6727 |

Huffman Family Farms

Facebook: Huffman Family Farms

Half and whole beef

LakeView Farms | Gary & Christina Spencer

Powhatan, Arkansas

(870) 809-0910

Facebook: LakeView Angus

100% Pure Angus Beef 

Red Oak 344 | Shannon & Lori Doyle

Saffell, Arkansas

(870) 799-7800

Facebook: Red Oak 344 Beefmasters - Arkansas


Remedy Fields | Jeff & Cindy Coleman

Rector, Arkansas

(870) 566-2500

Facebook: Remedy Fields

Beef & Lamb

RF Beef Co. | Jerry Fuller

Poplar Grove, Arkansas

(870) 829–3461


Facebook: RF Beef Co.

USDA Inspected individually packaged retail cuts and quarters, halves, and wholes

Ridge Runners Processing | Robert Montgomery

Jonesboro, Arkansas

(870) 351–2437 

Facebook: Ridge Runners Processing

Quarter, half, whole beef

SAK Farms | Shane & Kera Stovall

Lafe, Arkansas

(870) 761-3925

Facebook: SAK Farms

Farm fresh beef, pork, eggs, and produce

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