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Arkansas State Fair

The Arkansas State Fair is a time honored tradition for many cattlemen, which holds fond memories about when they got their start in the industry. The ACA is dedicated to supporting youth exhibitors and each year the ACA booth can be found in Barn 3 next to the livestock office. Many members can be found in the barns working as FFA and 4-H volunteers. We strive to share our passion and enthusiasm as producers with the youth as they exhibit their cattle. Each year the ACA bids at the sale of champions and takes an active role in raising funds used to bid on the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. The ACA State Board, County Presidents, and Executive Board work all year taking donations for a chance to win an item donated by Venture Equipment to bolsters our Youth Benefit Fund. The ACA is dedicated to the preservation of our farming and ranching heritage. The wisdom and pride we hold so dear came from the previous generations, and we will do our best to pass it on to the future.

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